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Registry Unlimited, located in NE Calgary, has been offering registry services to Albertans since 1994. Our sister branch, Registry @ South Trail Crossing in SE Calgary, has faithfully served you since 2005. Both locations have a friendly, courteous staff that can provide services in a variety of ways; whether it’s to renew your driver’s licence and vehicle plates, incorporate a company or search for a lien against a property.

Our Services:
What to Bring to Your Registry
Most of the transactions processed at Registry Unlimited and Registry @ South Trail Crossing require that the customer appear in person with proper identification. To make your experience as simple and efficient as possible please contact us. Alternatively, you can find the service(s) you are interested in on our Services page and review the items to bring with you.
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Get free copies of the driver’s licence handbooks:

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Additional information:
Alberta Health Care Plan
Registry Unlimited and Registry @ South Trail Crossing provides an in-person channel for Alberta Health Care account registrations and changes. New Albertans can apply for coverage and existing residents of the province can update their existing coverage information, including changes to their name, address, marital status and adding or removing coverage for dependents.
Please visit the Alberta Health and Wellness website for additional information and for access to the appropriate forms. For more efficient service, please print out and complete the necessary form(s) prior to coming to our office location.
There is no cost to clients to register or maintain your AHC account! Please note: Albertans who have already registered for health care coverage do not need to re-apply.
From Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm,
we provide immediate assistance with
new applications and change requests.

Methods of Payment

We accept cash, cheque, debit, Visa®, MasterCard® and American Express®.
Cash Cheque Interac Direct Payment Visa Master Card American Express
For fine payments and road tests, we do not accept cheques.

Please note: all credit card payments are processed through OptionPay. A service charge of 2.99% will be added on to the total amount.
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Registry Unlimited

2754-32 Street NE
Calgary, AB, T1Y 6J7
Fax: 403-291-6811

Registry @ South Trail Crossing Ltd.

66, 4307 - 130th Avenue SE
Calgary, AB, T2Z 3V8
Fax: 403-257-1830
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